Knowing your true cost of doing business is the only way to price for profit!
So You Want To Be A Photographer
You became a photographer because the thought of using your
camera to capture special moments for people seems like the
perfect career! But unless you can get people to pay you for
your work, you’ll have nothing more than a hobby!!!

In order to have a profitable long-term career in photography,
you must first build a strong pricing foundation. Too many times
photographers will create their price list by simply looking at
what their competitors' prices are. Yet the cost of doing
business is different for every photographer.

To truly price your products and services appropriately you must
first figure out your cost of doing business.

Use this worksheet & calculator to figure out yours. Start with
this worksheet. Estimating these calculations may take you a 
bit when you're just starting out. Download and print so you 
can add in totals as you discover them. Once complete use 
the CODB calculator to learn your total CODB.

Remember: the more research you do to obtain real numbers the more
accurate your CODB will be!
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